Welcome to my new online home and the rebranding of Layers Skin. Whilst my website is undergoing a slick little make-over, I wanted to introduce you to the expansion of my brand and service offering.

So why the change?

Layers The Skin Expert | Qualified Somatologist | Cape Town

The Skin Expert

Nicola du Toit

Qualified Somatologist

Backed by science and over 11 years of experience in the industry, allow me to guide you on your skincare journey, helping you combat imperfection, feel less overwhelmed and improve overall skin health.

With the rapid evolution of skincare and science, I can completely understand if you feel…

  • Like you need trustworthy advice on what skincare regime is best suited for you
  • Wanting more knowledge of what supplements and dosage would be most beneficial to your skin type
  • How to identify which cosmeceutical products and treatments are marketing fads and which can genuinely help you see results
  • Inundated with the over-saturated market constantly being updated by new products, treatments and supplements
  • And simply seeking expert guidance of the different combinations of ingredients and formulations

So what’s new…

After specialising as a Somotologist for over a decade, I wanted to continue to stay at the forefront of the industry, offering bespoke non-biased one of a-kind consultations to my clients situated all over the world.

I am incredibly passionate about holistic health and believe that your skin is a true reflection of your wellbeing.

Work with me…

At Layers, I am passionate about your skin and see your skin as a complete reflection of your wellbeing. Your skin is so much more than what we see on the surface, it’s a full expression of your health, your diet, your lifestyle and even your mind and emotions. It is a beautiful embodiment of your unique life story. And this is why I take a layered approach to skincare:

●      I connect with you one-on-one, listen to your concerns, challenges and goals.

●      I then draw from my years of expertise as well as the latest skincare research and innovations and identify underlying problems.

●      I consider all aspects of your life and develop a custom guide and treatment plan that targets each one of your skin concerns and helps you to achieve your skin goals.

●      My approach is personal, passionate and tailored. Because I believe, your skin, like you, is beautifully unique.

Ready to start your skincare journey with me?

Once off Bespoke Online Consultations – R 699

The ideal recipe for a healthy, youthful-looking complexion combines the correct homecare routine (internal and external) with in-house treatments that fit your budget and lifestyle. So, the first step is to do a thorough evaluation of  YOU – your lifestyle, medical history, genetics, etc.

  • Tickable google form sent to you prior to your appointment, to ensure that we get all the admin out of the way
  • 45min Zoom call evaluating YOU
  • After your in-depth online consultation, I’ll send you my recommended program that you can start your skin journey with . Advising you in skincare products, treatments and supplements, you can use to achieve skin success
  • I will explain to you why I recommended each product and guide you on how to use them
  • I will advise you on what treatments are best suited for your skins blueprint and which ones to avoid. Explaining to you what each treatment entails and why they’ve been selected for you
  • Following up with you to ensure all is well – as this is only the start of our journey together

I suggest that clients book an online consultation every 3 months, in order for us to reassess your skin progress and any lifestyle changes you may be experiencing.


Layers Skin Monthly Membership – R 499

Make your Skin-investment worthwhile and join my skinscribers membership so that I can guide you as your skin and lifestyle evolves.

  • Receive your first in-depth 1;1 consultation for free of charge
  • Receive 3 in-depth plans on how to achieve optimal skin health
  • Monthly reassessment includes a 45minute Zoom call where we go through all your skin programs, re-assess and adjust as needed. You can ask me any questions that you feel unsure about when it comes to skincare and holistic health
  • Monthly reassessment of homecare skincare, supplement and lifestyle programs
  • Get access to my client membership Whatsapp, so that you can ask any of your skincare questions
  • I’ll support you every step of the way with regular check-ins and enthusiastic cheering
  • Exclusive product availability – be the first to find out about new skincare treatments and products and how it is relevant to you
  • Exclusive entry into giveaways sponsored by some of my favourite brands
  • Discounted rate to SKINDNA report testing

3 Types of plans:

Lifestyle Plan:

  • As most of the skin issues arise from internal concerns I find this plan to the most important plan. You can not get true success unless we do make some changes to your diet, UV routines and supplements choices.
  • This will speed up the rate at which you will achieve results.
  • I need to make you aware of the future risks that might arise from your medical history or genetic blueprint.

Product Plan:

  • Here I recommend to you the best products that suit your budget and your lifestyle.
  • I will explain to you why each product is recommended and guide you on how to use them.

Treatment Plan:

  • I will advise you on what treatments are best suited for your skins blue print and which ones to avoid. I’ll explain what each treatment entails and why they’ve been selected for you.
  • I give unbiased advice as my aim is to educate you on how to achieve the best results.

*You have the option to cancel your enrollment with 1 month notice period. Minimal of 3 months is required.



Collagen supplements have been a popular trend for quite some time now, but as an expert, I still see people making incorrect purchases.

To ensure that you are purchasing the correct collagen and taking the right dosage to truly see improvements to your skin and overall health, download my free checklist that will help you make informed decisions as to which collagen brand is best suited for you.

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The fact that Nicola’s online consultations included a full lifestyle and skin analysis before offering a treatment plan, was unheard of in my books and exactly what I needed. I no longer had to stumble along blindly through the dark, confused by all the information and options out there. It meant that I could consively work according to a plan, not spending unnecessary money on unnecessary products.

My skin has never felt or looked better, and I love that we have a constant plan to work towards.

Arlene Nel, Windhoek, Namibia

As a medium/dark skin tone girl I’m very impressed with how my pigmentation struggles are now resolved and that I have the understanding and knowledge on what preventative measures to take.

Smooth, clear, glowing & overall healthy skin, allowing me to wear minimal makeup… It’s the best investment that I have made, a skin-vestment. I love that Nicola had been so thorough from my 1st appointment with her and every appointment thereafter. She explains every detail as to why she does a certain treatment and how it works. She also tailored my at home skincare regime and always takes my budget into consideration.

Anastacia Mbonambi, Cape Town, South Africa

Get in touch…

My job as the skincare expert is to guide you in making the best skincare choices when it comes to choosing products, supplements and overall healthier lifestyle choices.

Should you want to find out more about working with me, please don’t hesitate to contact me via [email protected]